As stated in the introduction, minerals are naturally occurring elements formed from rocks and stones, which are gradually broken down into fragments by erosion and other weathering factors. These resulting small particles accumulate and settle in valleys and fields, forming the basis of soil. The soil is teaming with microbes that transform them into mineral salts. Plants absorb these minerals salts through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis converts the mineral salts into a higher vibratory state. Mineral form is also being changed from metallic into the colloidal form and is being stored into plant cells and tissues. Some soils are mineral-poor due to vagaries of nature and the use of chemical fertilizers.
Many cultivated soils are depleted of minerals because of over-farming. It usually takes from five to ten years for plants to deplete the soils of minerals unless minerals have been added. If plants are grown in soil with depleted minerals, they will have mineral deficiencies and will affect the food chain; including the human beings that need to obtain needed minerals. Consequently, building good health means building soil. Of course soil and the human body are not the same; humans are strictly related to soils as a resource for different chemical elements to maintain balance.
Because more and more commercial fertilizers are used to grow our crops, the result is an unhealthy food chain lacking in proper chemical elements. We all know that fertilizer is composed of three minerals: nitrogen phosphorus and potassium. So when a farmer adds only three of the sixty necessary minerals, the proper array and amount of minerals moving from the food chain into human tissue is not chemically balanced and will not function properly. It is important to note that soils depleted of organically derived chemicals and dosed with fertilizers are acid soils. It is almost impossible to obtain the amount of minerals needed through diet alone, but mineral supplements can help the deficiency. Supplements are available in tablets, capsules, powder and liquid form.

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