“Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, health care professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.” – The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine encomposes ways to treat the mind, body, and spirit — all at the same time.

Integrative Medicine fundamental beliefs are that the first place to begin treating and preventing disease is by reducing toxicity. When we reduce toxicity we free bio-energy that is required to fight toxins. When bio-energy is released the body has the vitality it requires to heal itself.

Many insurance companies, specifically the PPO plans, cover Integrative Medicine in the U.S. However, there are still limitations as to which therapies are covered. Integrative Medical Center is networked with Medicare and out of network providers for all other insurance carriers.

Since Integrative Medicine use alternatives to costly techniques, more insurance companies are beginning to investigate expanding coverage of this cost-effective healing method.

We have been successful in creating a medical model of integrative medicine, where Medical Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors practice as a team.

D.C. Dr. Jonuzi is Diplomat of the College of Natural Therapies and Member of the American Association of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Jonuzi is Founder and Managing Director at Integrative Medical Center in West Atlantic City. Physicians at IMC emphasize prevention and early diagnosis as well as cost-effective, non-invasive treatments that work toward the elimination of the root cause of chronic degenerative illnesses and medical conditions that have gone undetected by traditional medicine.
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