Food is your body’s fuel, and you cannot maintain a healthy, active lifestyle for very long without it. The foods you eat greatly affect your metabolism, energy levels digestive function and overall feeling of wellness. Everyone has different fuel requirements based on body composition, age, height, weight, activity levels, and overall health. Therefore, each nutritional consultation you have will be individualized to fit your specific needs.

Our job is to find the correct combination of foods that will make you look and feel your best. Depending on the physician’s diagnosis, based on the results of test (evaluations), our nutritionist will tackle numerous nutritional issues including specific eating plans, food allergies, weight management, and analysis of vitamins and minerals. Practicing proper dietary habits will allow us to work together in your quest for better health.

In order to assist you in achieving your health and nutrition goals, we need you to take a leading responsibility on a life style change; such as eating and drinking patterns and following the tips and guidelines of our nutritional counselors. We will try to give you the training and knowledge you need to alter yourself into your normal nutritional needs. That would be altered to your unique individual needs. ~ Dr. Sam Jonuzi

Recommendations For Better Digestion:

1. Chew your food very well. The enzymes present in the saliva accomplish the first step to digestion. Your food should be liquid and thoroughly mixed with saliva before swallowing. A rule of thumb is Drink your food.

2. Limit the quantity of liquids with meals to 4 ounces or less of room temperature or warm liquids. Wait 45 minutes to one hour before drinking ice cold or large quantities of liquids. You want the stomach acids and digestive juice to remain concentrated enough to digest your food completely.

3. Avoid eating fruit with other food. Do not eat fruit immediately after a meal — wait about an hour or more after eating other food. This is because the sugar in fruit may start a fermentation process in the stomach and cause gas, bloating and poor digestion. Fruit should be eaten alone unless you are hypoglycemic, in which case the fruit should be combined with other food.

4. Do not eat if upset or angry or after a hard workout, instead drink warm liquids until you have become calm.

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