The human body is made up of the same basic chemical elements that make up planet earth. Human beings are able to exist by eating animals and plants. Plants, in order to exist, require soil, water, carbon dioxide and sunshine to turn inorganic chemicals from the soil into living matter. The action of sunlight transforms these chemicals into a higher biochemical form in plants, to a point where they can be absorbed and utilized by higher life forms, including human beings. We are made of the matter evolved to the highest vibratory level on this planet a magnificent, complex of living, breathing and thinking matter. In order for living matter to build up or tear down the body processes, it requires mineral energy. All the energy that the human body receives comes from two sources: 20 percent comes from food substances and 80 percent of the mineral energy comes from the atmosphere, in which we live and breathe. The movement of these chemical elements, from the soil to plant-made compounds and into the human body, is a phenomenon we call nutrition.
Nutrition serves as a source of energy which is produced by the vibratory motion of positive and negative ions, as moving forces of the elements. When these forces collide, the resistance that is created we call energy. We do not live from the food that we eat, but from the energy created from the food that we eat. So is very important to maintain proper diet control to assure good health.
We are all aware of nutrition and food. But, if we want to be healthy, we need to know what each food is made up of, how it should be used, and the influence of each food on our body chemistry for better or worse. In what follows, I will briefly summarize the basic nutrient groups needed by humans and the role that they play in sustaining human life.
Carbohydrates are carbon-based nutrients used inc large quantities by the human body. They are the bodys main source of energy, including the simple carbohydrate sugar and the complex carbohydrate starch.

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